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SCAD Re-EventAlibre Design

SCAD Re-Event

SCAD Re-Event is a CAD/drawing program focused on quickly and accurately designing events, concerts, stages, lighting and sound setups, exhibitions, and more.
The foundation is its vast library with over 20,000 items suitable for creating both simple 2D drawings and complex, stadium-filling 3D designs.

Alibre Design

Alibre Design is a professional 3D MCAD software package for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as for individuals. With Alibre Design, you can easily create complex 3D models using a large set of 3D modeling tools. including sheet metal, BOM, 2D drawings, and more. The Expert version also includes a rendering program for fast and photorealistic images.

Alibre Design is affordable and has a one-time purchase price, with no mandatory annual fees.

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3D CAD software

About AniVizzion

AniVizzion specializes in the sale and support of 3D CAD software for the event industry and mechanical engineering, as well as all markets where a 3D presentation drawing needs to be created quickly. We provide the software, training, and guidance necessary to start working with 3D CAD software quickly and effectively. AniVizzion was founded in the previous century, which is not reflected in our drive for innovation but is evident in our artisanal service.

Transparant organization


We place great importance on providing excellent support. Therefore, we strive to be easily accessible. Due to our transparent organization and short communication lines, problems can be resolved quickly. Do you have a technical problem? You might find yourself speaking directly with a programmer to solve it together with you.

In short: don’t hesitate to contact us. Is Teamviewer ready on your end? Then we’ll log in immediately and fix the problem.

Design in 3D


Designing in 3D is relatively easy. To get the most out of the software, there are often tips and tricks that can provide you with convenience and save you time.

We offer training and demonstrations to help you get started with your software package.

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For the fastest support, we often use TeamViewer. It’s much easier for us to assist you when we can show you what needs to be done directly on your screen. Click the button for the latest TeamViewer. For an older version of TeamViewer, click here.

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Location: Melkvonder 7, 7071 AN Ulft

Telephone: 0315 820 205